This is a story of real life and inspiration for Daxley,  a company dedicated to find effective solutions for our prescribers and users. The doctor of the story is Dr. Peter an urologist. One of his many of patients with chronic UTI, asked for an effective solution to her problem. Let’s call her Jen, she wanted to share her experience with chronic UTI’s., Her story inspired Dr. Peter to seek for a solution and call us. Let’s see Jen’s story: “Hello my name is Jen; I’ve been there—stuck in the awful cycle of UTIs. In 2017, I had 6 UTIs. Just people with UTIs, can understand how awful the cycle can be.
I was desperate to get ahead of the problem, but many doctors told me repeatedly there was very little they could do. I disagreed and was inspired to start looking for ways to begin my own proactive approach to overall urinary system health.
My doctor, was inspired too. With Dr. Peter’s background in biochemistry, and natural medicine and my refusal to rely on antibiotics on a daily basis, he and his team started building youT.I. Built in collaboration with physicians and urologists, with the science-backed ingredients, youT.I. is dedicated to tackling urinary health in a new way, with ingredients that work.
I’m healthy now, and I love helping thousands of women like me get peace of mind, too. Welcome everyone! I’m so glad you’ve found youT.I.

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