If you are prone to Recurrent Urinary Infections, this reading can surely help you find an effective solution to overcome this horrible condition.

Remember that you are not alone, expert urologists, doctors and the creators of youT.I. work hard to help people who are prone to recurrent UTIs return to a normal life.

Phase 1
When bacteria find their way into the urinary tract, you can get a UTI.

Once bacteria enter the urethra, they can travel up the urinary tract and multiply. As their numbers rise, it triggers an inflammatory response in the body, which results in the symptoms you associate with a UTI. The higher the bacteria move in the urinary tract, the more severe the infection becomes.The most common bacteria in UTIs is E. coli, a stubborn pathogen responsible of most Urinary Tract Infections.


Phase 2
You take antibiotics

Effective antibiotics can beat the infection faster. The issue with antibiotics is that antibiotics wipe out the “bad bacteria” with the “good bacteria” also, creating an imbalance that puts you at higher risk of recurrent UTIs and other issues, like BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) and yeast infections.The recommendation to quickly rebuild the bacterial flora with “good bacteria” is to supplement your nutrition with Lactobacilli such as those contained in youT.I. These two probiotics are part of the good bacterial flora of the bladder and urethra and will help you fight harmful bacteria like E. Coli. You can also find these nutrients in foods such as yogurt among others. You can take YOUTI once your antibiotic treatment is finished, this will allow you to break the infectious cycle and help you to keep your bladder clean of undesirable harmful bacteria.


Phase 3
You’re more vulnerable to infections

With your immune system weakened, new bacteria or old bacteria that escape antibiotics using biofilm* can multiply out of control and trigger another UTI.
(*Biofilm is a protective shield bacteria form, which keeps them hidden in the urinary tract and safe from antibiotics and the immune system.)Two ingredients in youT.I., D-Mannose and Cranberry Extract will protect you from Biofilm effectively because the two by different mechanisms of action cut the adherence of bacteria to the wall of the bladder and urethra and cause the bacteria to be eliminated with the urinary flow